Sunday, May 16, 2010

MIA...Plateau...and Great Expectation.

I've been off the blog scene lately because my work schedule has been way too demanding! Hopefully in the next week or so it will ease up some. Work seems to get in the way of alot of personal things that I would like to do.

I really don't know what to think. Seems like I do really well for a week or so with my weight loss...and then nothing. I might go a week or two and not even lose a lb. Is this normal? I don't think I am making bad choices...and I am still so excited to be banded. SO WHAT'S THE PROB??? Wonder if I need anther fill?

I have read blogs of everybodys struggles and successes and have heard many people talk about losing weight in their feet. I am so excited about this. I wear size 12 shoes!!! I can't even buy shoes in the town where I live. I went to Montgomery and bought two pair of sandles yesterday. I know I'm thinking awfully BIG, but I'm shooting for a size 8 with my weight loss. What do y'all think?

My family and I are pretty close, with the exception of my brother. He is the odd ball. Every family has one I suppose. My dad has been working in Cambodia for the past couple of years and it is time for my mom to go visit him again. I am not looking forward to it. She will be gone for a month. Though I am 36 years old, grown, married, and have teenage children, I see my mom daily. We talk multiple times a day some days. I am really going to miss her. It's going to be a long month (in June.)

I guess I've rambled enough for this post. Thanks for hangin in there with me~

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  1. I think losing 4 sizes might be a little bit of a pipe dream but here's hoping for you. You guys must miss your dad awfully. Keep at the weight loss I find my best losses come after a fill...